Our community is the place we call home.

It’s the elementary school across the street and harbor outside our window. It’s the deli on the corner, where we grab a sandwich for lunch; it’s the park bench where we sit down to take in the view. And from our own small neighborhoods to the cities in which our hotel renovations forever impact the culture and vibrancy, we strive to honor and preserve all of the communities of which we are a part.


With headquarters in Annapolis, MD, home of the U.S. Naval Academy, we feel connected to our national community as well.

We draw inspiration from our military’s dedication and discipline. We love the small town feel and the close proximity to Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, and New York, and the never ending supply of fresh seafood and local music.


In 2006, three years after successfully launching our home office in Annapolis, it was time to expand to the western frontier.

While we enjoy the ocean air and mild weather year round, the hospitality business climate is anything but casual in California. Nearly 50% of our annual overall revenue is generated by our Redondo Beach team.

I work with the best people. Funny, smart, thoughtful people.”

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