In December, Continental Contractors wrapped up our 2023 Whole Health Initiative with a company-wide nutrition webinar. And, while it may seem odd to host an event centered around nutrition during the holidays, it is a crucial component of our team members’ lives given the nature of our business – frequent travel, extended periods away from home, and the absence of personal kitchens. In this digital age, navigating the constant barrage of conflicting dietary advice is challenging. From “eat this, not that,” to claims about foods for longevity, the overwhelming directives often prioritize profit over genuine health considerations – emphasizing once again, the cornerstone to achieving good nutrition is knowledge. Understanding the intricacies of healthy eating is paramount, especially in an era saturated with often conflicting information and messages.  

To help our team members better navigate eating well, we enlisted the expertise of Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Specialist Courtnay Mecca. We tasked her with covering, and educating us on, the following topics: Understanding our food choices, learning the power of portion control, and tips and tricks for effective weight management. We closed out with an engaging question and answer period. Courtnay also generously provided helpful handouts on creating a balanced meal time plate, meal tracking, and identifying healthy protein sources.

We’re delighted to report that the webinar received an enthusiastic response, with participants expressing genuine enjoyment, and finding it not only worthwhile but also highly educational. For those unable to attend, the webinar has been recorded for convenient viewing at a later time. As an extra treat, a number of participants were fortunate recipients of helpful nutritional and fitness gifts through a raffle.

This event concluded our Whole Health Initiative for the year, a program we were happy to facilitate for our Continental family. The program offered a variety of information and resources for our team, while also providing a safe environment for discussing the topics that affect us the most, like mental health, financial health, and physical well being. If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to read our recaps to see if you would like to offer something similar at your organization. 

We look forward to offering new opportunities for personal and professional growth to our team. Keep an eye on our social media pages on LinkedIn and Facebook to see what we’re up to this year!