What Are You MOST Looking Forward To?

It’s hard to believe we’ve been physically distancing for 12 weeks and counting. Have you started to think about  your life without restrictions? What are you looking forward to doing first? Who are you most looking forward to seeing in person? Even the most simple activity of grabbing a coffee or hugging your Mom after a bad day, is not taken for granted! We didn’t realize the value of “the little things” until we were unable to do them. The time spent distancing ourselves from friends and family — preparing meals at home rather than eating out, home schooling, and having Zoom happy hours instead of heading across the street to Boatyard or other favorite watering holes has shifted our routines and given us a new perspective we will never forget. We asked our team what they are looking forward to once our lives go back to normal.

Here are some of their comments:

Renee Bagshaw, executive vice president – Personally, I’ll be skipping through the aisles shopping for BACK TO SCHOOL supplies like it is my life’s joy.

Candise Kindrat, project accountant – I’d love to be at the Crab Deck eating seafood nachos while listening to live music! With no crying children around. 

Sheralee Southwell, accounts payable specialist – Korean BBQ every weekend and taking pup pup to the dog park, going hiking.

Karen Krause, assistant project manager – Vacation!!!!! Anywhere other than Maryland really 

Keith Walls, superintendent – BBQ Cookoffs!

Tony Coons, Sr. project manager – Hopefully in a new home in the middle of nowhere.

Kristen Finamore, project manager – I’ll be stuck at home anyways with Baby Luke! This was good training…. But I’ll be able to have a cocktail in my She shed!

Richard Crozier, project manager – The daily banter and laughter in the office! What I’m NOT looking forward to is having to wear pants to work.

Eddie von Schrader,  director of field personnel administration & safety – I really can’t wait for the first work Happy Hour.  I’m not from this area so my closest friends in Annapolis are my coworkers and I can’t wait to see everyone again.

Tony Jessop, superintendent – School! I know my kids feel cheated because of everything canceled: sports, prom, senior trip, graduations…

Kristi Keenan, superintendent– Serious time with friends and family. And hugs! My kids still will only elbow bump lol

Kendyl Lawson, Sr. assistant project manager  – A big hug from my friends and a cup of tea with my mom without worrying about touching her!

Kate Penn, project manager – Those all sound nice. I’ll take one of each.

Chris Burkhardt, assistant project manager – Jumping on a plane and going somewhere fun.  

While it’s obvious that we miss our families and friends — we even miss going in to the office — we must remember that staying safe and healthy is our top priority. We will be together again soon but until then we will continue to do our part to flatten the curve. The last few weeks have taught us the importance of slowing down and appreciating the simple things in life which you may have taken for granted before this unprecedented time.