Located in the heart of central Florida and situated amongst 500 acres of lush, tropical landscape, the JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes, offers a resort experience to be remembered. From poolside excitement at the water park to a round of golf on the award-winning course, the JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes has something for everyone – most notably of which is the newly renovated, luxurious accommodations welcoming guests to relax and recharge after a day of fun in the sun.

Continental Contractors completed a floor-to-ceiling renovation of the property’s guestrooms and baths, converting the existing 998 guestrooms to 1,010 rooms, and delivering a completely redesigned experience. The 2021-22 transformation was not without its challenges, however.

This project is indicative of the market now and a perfect example of pivoting and perseverance; as we dealt with challenge after challenge presented by the pandemic,” says Continental Chief Operating Officer Renee Bagshaw. “The contracts were written before inflation got out of control and Continental strived to maintain the current budget within a new market.”

In addition to rising costs, other factors such as industry shortages, unexpected delays, and staffing changes extended the completion of the project, keeping crew members on-site longer than originally anticipated. The Continental team handled the unforeseen obstacles with integrity and heart and pulled together to motivate one another and pitch in where needed to move the project toward completion. “When you’re dealing with such a long duration it is very important to keep your crew motivated and listen to their concerns,” offers Senior Project Manager Yonnatan Arcila. 

Over the course of nine months, Continental rose to the challenges presented by the project and updated the outdated rooms, suites, and baths with sleek and sophisticated modern finishes. Capturing an atmosphere of true luxury, the guestrooms combine relaxed comfort and refined elegance featuring warm metal finishes, soothing gray tones, and warm wood accents throughout the space. Continental also facilitated the installation of new carpet, wall coverings, fixtures, and accents throughout the guestrooms as well – and delivered on the full resort effect just in time for peak travel season.

“This is one project we won’t soon forget,” Renee says, “but the result was well worth overcoming all of the challenges. A beautiful renovation and a happy client.”

You can view more pictures of the renovation here.