The newly renovated guest rooms at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center maximize space, highlight specially curated artwork, and prominently bring technology to the forefront to create a superior guest experience. The end result is six floors (plus renovated corridors and a new lobby bar) of completely redesigned guestrooms and suites unique to Auburn.


The hotel is a popular destination of commercial business travelers, parents and alumni and of course, Auburn Football fans.

Continental was honored to renovate the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center, a hotel that amplifies the personality of its historic college town. “As part of the project, we had the opportunity to work with the Auburn faculty, which was great,” said Project Manager Jerome Zareda. “Each room features a large mural with a map of Auburn from the decade that corresponds to the room’s floor.” For example, maps of Auburn in the 1940s adorn focal walls on the fourth floor, all printed from the Auburn University library archives.

Continental renovated all 236 rooms of its six floors for maximum space and efficiency, with easily movable, modular furniture on castors that stows away under counters and along walls. Carpet in each room was replaced with wood and tile, and the new bathrooms feature double fixture showerheads and backlit vanity mirrors. 

In a final stretch request, Continental was able to renovate the bar in record time. “The biggest challenge was installing the new bar, a last-minute change request, which had a start-to-finish completion date of six weeks – to make it in time for the first football game of the season,” Jerome said. “I think the client was very pleased that we were able to reduce the schedule and cut costs without compromising on quality.

In the end, it was a win-win for faculty, fans, and guests. And, Auburn won their first game, 60 to 10!