Yes, Continental Contractors is a leading hospitality renovation company. We’ve renovated more guestrooms, bathrooms, and corridors than we can count! But did you know we are also expertly qualified in public space renovation? Lobbies, atriums, restaurants, conference facilities — we love this work!

Continental Project Manager Kate Penn explains why, “A good public area renovation transforms the space and wows guests when they come in the front door. It sets the stage and prepares guests for stunning guestroom design once they check-in.” We are delighted to share some of our latest.

Embassy Suites


Continental Contractors completed a major public space renovation at the Embassy Suites in South San Francisco, CA. This phase of the renovation included the atrium lobby, meeting rooms, and restrooms. The entire first floor of the building was demolished down to dirt to provide a completely new layout. 


Project Manager Stephen Safran shared, “The atrium renovation was a large, complicated project. The coordination involved in bringing excavation equipment into an existing building was much more intensive than a typical lobby renovation, and significant care had to be taken to protect the rest of the building from the dust and debris from demo.”

In the atrium, we minimized level changes, removed an outdated water feature, and provided access to focal areas such as the bar, lounges, and restaurant seating areas. We created a beautiful new lobby area and front desk, along with a convenient “grab-n-go” and connectivity zone. The end product is stunning. You can see all of the photos here.


Louisville Marriott

Public space renovations can completely transform a hotel’s atmosphere. Continental Contractors was delighted to help transform the Louisville Marriott Downtown, in three different phases.  

During phase one, all ballrooms and meeting rooms received new finishes. The grand staircase was demolished, which made room for several skyboxes: small meeting spaces that overlook the atrium to make better use of the space in the hotel and provide an interesting new focal point. New specialty finishes were also installed on existing concrete columns, which depicts a mural of downtown Louisville.

The Porch, a new high end southern comfort restaurant concept, was the focus of phase two, which replaced the existing Champions sports bar and restaurant. Beautiful lighting and large windows that open up to allow the outside in, along with live music, make this restaurant a welcome destination. The transformation was one of Project Manager Jared Schanbacher’s favorites. “Installing the operable curtain wall systems and an extensive millwork package in the middle of winter was truly a logistical challenge, but the space turned out beautifully. It was very rewarding to see the space wide open that spring.”

Phase three wrapped up the renovation of the public areas with all new lobby tile, new front desks, renovated M Lounge, and bourbon bar, with a hidden bourbon room accessible through a “secret code” in a hidden bookcase door. 

Jerome Zadera has renovated numerous public areas, but the Louisville Marriott stands out for him as well,  for its unique design and local culture. “Public space projects are very detailed from start to finish. Once you get through the first few floors of guestrooms, the focus turns to production and maintaining consistent quality. The public spaces require diligence and an eye for detail; every day is different,” says Zadera. “Once they are complete those areas bring the property to life the moment you walk through the front door.” 

Public spaces truly make or break a hotel. We are dedicated to making sure all elements of a hotel look beautiful. See Louisville Marriott here.

Marriott Union Square

Continental renovated this hotel’s breakout spaces, lobby, restaurant, and 3,200 square foot event hall and guestrooms in four phases over a year and half period. These renovations, particularly the nine meeting rooms, were designed with the modern business traveler in mind. 

While guestroom renovations included tub to shower conversions, new case goods and luxurious finishes, the overall redesign of public and guest spaces really shows the beauty of a cohesive, functional masterpiece. Take a look at the results here.

*Images by Marriott

Public space renovation requires an intricate logistics plan, an elevated understanding of construction (beyond the typical finishes involved in a guestroom renovation), and strict adherence to schedule. For more examples of how Continental has successfully transformed lobbies, meeting and ballroom spaces, restaurants, lounges, and bars, check out our website here.   

Who comes to the top of your mind when you think of public space renovations? If it’s not Continental…Think again.

One of my favorite public space renovation projects was the Marriott Dallas City Center. The entire team involved in the renovation exhibited a high level of professionalism and teamwork, and we successfully kept the schedule on track from day one. 
– Project Manager Yonnatan Arcila