The newly renovated Pittsburgh Marriott North brings the dramatic and extravagant temperament of “the steel city” inside. Nearly unrecognizable from its prior aesthetic, the lobby and atrium remodel transformed this public space from an outdated jungle-like ambience, to the fresh and modern design it is today. Envisioned by Architect/Designer Winegardner & Hammons and executed by Continental Contractors, the impressive focal points of the property express every form and texture that steel can possess: molten, rigid, bent, smooth, rusted, even reflective. 

Continental stepped into this renovation on very short notice and quickly mobilized to bring the modern design to life. From pouring new concrete into the sunken lobby to installing impressive millwork throughout the lobby, atrium, restaurant, and other public spaces, Continental completed the project in record time.

A rapid, five-month turnaround wasn’t the only challenge we faced on this project. The design for the renovation called for the installation of more than 15,000 sf of stained shiplap throughout the space, however, supply chain issues and staff shortages across the country threatened that vision.  “The biggest potential obstacle we faced was the amount of millwork required for this project,” recalled Sr. Project Manager Jerome Zadera. “During COVID, most plants were shut down, and the unique millwork was a huge component of our work — it really defined the project.” Through multiple manufacturing plant site visits and creative problem solving with both sourcing and logistics, Continental was ultimately able to complete the full scope of the project on time.   

In addition to the intricate millwork and impressive atrium trellis construction, Continental also installed lobby divider screens and provided finishes for the bar, restaurant, and front desk to complement the contemporary, new feel of the space. And, while steel may have been the inspiration for this reimagined design, the space itself is anything but cold. The dark wood, metal panels and nooks along the walls, and forged metal and ember-like light fixtures create a warm and dynamic environment. Ideal for welcoming guests in from the cold or grabbing a meal at the sophisticated, yet inviting, restaurant and bar.

All in all, the dramatic before and after transformation of the Pittsburgh Marriott North is one that we won’t soon forget. “The transformation is remarkable. What once looked like a scene from the Amazon Jungle is a breathtakingly beautiful lobby that feels welcoming and modern,” Jerome said. “We mobilized expertly and efficiently, and created a space that everyone was extremely happy with.” 

You can check out more pictures of this transformation here.

ABOVE: The Pittsburgh Marriott North sunken lobby; pouring concrete to level the floors
BELOW: The stunning transformation of the lobby and atrium.