Sometimes “figuring it out” is not easy. It was hard to figure out how to tie your shoes or ride a bike. It’s hard to conjugate verbs in Spanish or to figure out how to work remotely AND manage distance learning for multiple kids. 

In fact, sometimes figuring it out is REALLY hard, like when you’re running a company that supports dozens of families and countless subcontractors and vendors, AND the entire industry grinds to a halt.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult. It has taken a heartbreaking toll on the hospitality and construction industries particularly. With many projects on hold, different restrictions in place for different regions of the country, and information changing daily, there’s been more questions than answers. 

Fortunately for Continental Contractors, Inc., we are led by CEO Pete Welch, whose very nature is about digging in and figuring things out. Pete has guided our team since day one to research best practices in COVID-19 preparedness and response, revised our protocols and procedures, provided additional safety training, and procured adequate PPE to keep job sites running safely. We are continuing to work and innovate with partners in the hospitality and construction industries on how to not only prevent the spread of COVID-19, but how to keep offices and job sites safe, secure, and efficient well into the future. With ongoing projects throughout the U.S., Continental has pulled from the guidance and best practices of multiple jurisdictions to create a thorough, company-wide COVID-19 prevention policy. 

We are incorporating technology, cleaning products, and procedures in compliance with current CDC COVID-19 codes, regulations, and standards. We are continuing to learn and improve to help keep our employees, and those they are in contact with, safe and healthy.

Here are a few of the guidelines that are now part of our COVID-19 prevention policy:

  • Maintaining safe areas with additional cleaning crews and sanitization protocol
  • Quality inspections
  • Frequent hand washing 
  • Wearing masks/face shields

On site project team for the Hays Mansion renovation in San Jose, CA.

Additionally, for two active projects in California’s Bay area, where multiple counties have mandated the use of a third-party Jobsite Safety Accountability Supervisor, Continental not only complied with the mandates but earned 100% compliance scores on each visit. 

Beyond industry-driven guidelines, Continental’s policy includes these procedures to keep our team, hotel employees, guests and all those at the job site safe: 

  • Temperature checks prior to entering the property, as well as additional checks at noon and at the end of the day
  • Designated Health & Safety Superintendent on all job sites
  • Clear signage providing social distancing direction [English and Spanish]
  • Designated independent handwashing stations
  • Crew temperature checks twice daily
  • A revolving schedule, to maintain safe physical distance 
  • Limited access to the construction site to minimize interaction with site visitors

Kristi Keenan, superintendent, taking temperatures in Annapolis. She did this at the Annapolis Waterfront and Westin Annapolis, simultaneously, with staggered start times.

In spite of the devastation caused by this global pandemic, there is a silver lining. Working together, we are already finding creative solutions for even the most daunting challenges. As Pete recently communicated to our team,  “We will work the problem, one step at a time. We will find the solutions, and we will figure this out. And we’ll come out stronger, smarter, and more agile.”

Our team — and in fact the entire hospitality community — is strong and resilient. Figuring it out, leading the way, together.

Stay safe, everyone.